Welcome to The Dark Side: Bath Bombs by Cryptessence Limited

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This product was actually gifted to me by my lovely younger sister Hannah. She recently met the owner of Cryptessence Limited at her work and was generously gifted a few bath bombs to try out. Not only did she love the bath bomb and how incredible it smelled, but we couldn’t help but love the darker origins behind the name of these beauties. I was lucky enough to get to try one of the many she received from Jim, and I’m so eager to share my thoughts with you.

First off, the packaging is very neatly done. They have each bath bomb individually sealed in an air tight foil bag. It keeps moisture out so you don’t need to worry about long term storage in your bathroom or damage in between gifting/use. The label is handwritten which is a lovely homemade feature. I love it when producers add their own handwriting and show themselves through their products.

Carpathian Love Poem is actually a blend of two separate scents, Impaler and Elisabeta. Named aptly after Vlad the Impaler and his wife, Elisabeta. It’s a perfect combo for horror-obsessed couples. It looks like a bright and happy bath bomb, but the scene gets dark quickly after submersion. The two colors combine to create a lovely lavender color in the bathtub, and the scent is phenomenal. I did notice a few flecks of pink and silver glitter too. Not complaining, your girl loves glitter. It was very little though, so this could either be apart of the product or possibly mixed with another batch that contains glitter on accident. Either way, just want to disclose it for those glitter-phobic individuals out there.


Elisebeta is the bluer color of the two, and Vlad is the pinker tone. The colors are slightly different when combined in comparison to their classic batches. This was likely done to achieve the gorgeous purple bath water at the end. Originally, Vlad is a rich red color. Perfect for signifying the blood baths he left behind. And Elisebeta is a lovely lilac, printed with a beautiful flower perfect for a Princess. I included a screen shot of their website so you can see more of their bath bombs. The creators Jim and Theresa really took care in creating a beautiful and fun product.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.28.03 PM.png

Seriously in love with this sweet, and slightly musky scent. I used this bath bomb while sheet masking and binge watching youtube videos with a glass of Pinot Noir. Absolutely recommend enjoying this one either completely to yourself or with your significant other. My partner really loved the smell of this one!


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing something a little different here. Check out more from Jim and Theresa at https://cryptessencelimited.godaddysites.com

Thanks for sharing your products guys! My sister loved them!!

♥ Mia


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