Best Basics: Makeup

Welcome all to my exclusive, very first blog post/review on Pacific Northwest Woman. Now, traditionally you’ll see a lot mixed content on this site relating to any of these topics: makeup, skincare, women issues and finding balance in your life. Finding balance  is increasingly difficult in the digital age. There’s so much information in the world, and it’s always calling your name. Life balance is what brought me to create this blog!  I’ve been busy working on balance, happiness and my own self care routines to the point where I’m now ready to share my secrets and helpful tips with you too!

This project was first created as a way of healing. Healing from anxiety, depression, fatigue, and the weight of the world that had been crushing my dreams and keeping me from being myself. Now it’s a way for me to communicate – and hopefully help you too in your own journey with finding yourself, or even just your how to make your perfect skincare routine so that you can feel more like yourself too. ♥

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Now before I go all in on my thoughts and opinions on these products for the review, I want to point out that your skin is your canvas. It’s your best base, so take care of it. It directly affects your makeup and how it wears throughout the day. That being said, certain foundations and other cosmetics will work very well for some people and some will find that it causes breakouts or doesn’t work for them at all. Ultimately, every skin type is a little different because every person is different, so take this review with a grain of salt.

My skin is what I would typically categorize as combination, but my drier areas are getting fewer and fewer between. Honestly friends, I’m a little worried I might just be an oily gal with dehydrated skin and I hate it. I have an oily, pool-ish area in my t-zone (vocabulary check: t-zone is the bridge of your nose extending to the forehead, it’s the most common problem area for many individuals) with a very, VERY dry under eye. I do get occasional dry patches on my nose and forehead too. The reason we’re going into all this is because I noticed I look so much older when my base isn’t properly taken care of. Nobody wants to look dry, cake-y or older than they really are so please keep this in mind before trying any of these products yourself.

The Stars:

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF 50 (Light) I love this CC cream, I really do guys. The finish of this foundation is incredible. It looks like dewy, natural and I find that the more I wear it the better my skin underneath looks. It’s SPF content is also much higher than the amount you’ll find in other SPF foundations, but with that you’ll also face some flashback problems. One thing that does bother me is that this foundation range doesn’t appeal well to darker skin tones. IT Cosmetics did recently come out with a new Bye Bye Foundation with a range that does look to be much more shade inclusive, but we’ll see what POC have to say about the quality of the shades themselves.  Let’s get back to this little gem though, because I’ve re-purchased this product four times already. There’s got to be something really good if I keep coming back, right?

If I wear this foundation when I have drier, more dehydrated skin then I don’t need to set it at all. It’s so easy to wear, and smells incredible.  It actually does appear to make my skin feel a little better, and it doesn’t irritate my dry skin at all.. If I’m my regular oily self though, then my skin will need a mattifying moisturizer or primer on underneath as a base. Right now, I use Murad’s SPF 15++, and she get’s the job done alright. As long as I finish my skin with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, this stays all day and makes my skin appear so natural. Overall, I never have issues with my skin reacting and can do light and full coverage options since it’s buildable. It’s just awesome.

Best part? No one can tell I wear foundation with this product on. Hallelujah!

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise (Black) O.K. everyone, are you ready to talk about one of the best, most affordable mascaras on the market? I’m not talking about that pink and green Great Lash bullshit here either, I’m talking about the new L’Oreal Lash Paradise. This lash boosting mascara is under $10, and does miracles for short, stumpy and thin lashes. It’s a perfect little dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and even has the cute pink metal packaging to match. There’s a lot of great dupes coming out lately, but this mascara out performs its competitor. Not only does this separate my lashes, but it makes them look much more full and holds them in place and doesn’t flake throughout the day. I usually like a more wet mascara and this formula is definitely drier than I usually prefer but the results speak for themselves. It even comes in a super tough waterproof version for summer days or the individual that works outdoors or in humidity.

Heads up though, I find this product is a little tougher to remove than other mascaras and with my super delicate, dry eye area I generally have to rotate this mascara in between others because the daily removal is tough on my eye area.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation (Y245, my shade when I self tan) – I always need to have full coverage and long-wearing foundation on hand in a shade that matches my body when I self-tan. Now, this one in particular I purchased was when I was tanning  to a few shades darker then I normally do now, if at all. That being said, since it’s a little darker I tend to mix this a little bit of Fenty Foundation in shade 100 (my fair skinned favorite full coverage foundation) to create my perfect shade. My favorite thing about this foundation is that even if my face is a few shades lighter, you won’t be able to tell once it’s blended into my skin. It blends in so well that I often get questions from others asking if I’m wearing any foundation. Blending powder over the top is a breeze too, because this is such a great base.

Without sunscreen, this looks excellent in photos with and without flash. (Just be careful, some setting powders may cause flashback)  This is such a solid liquid foundation, which is why even though I barely wear this lovely lady now, she’s on this list.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlighter (Exposed Highlight) I’ll be honest, I didn’t like this highlighter at first. I was originally wanting just the mini Hotel Heiress bronzer, but this one came in a deluxe sample with it so I purchased it anyway. At the time I wasn’t even into highlighters. I gave in though, and I’m so glad for it!

This highlighter is a little glittery, but looks so lovely on the skin once its applied in thin layers. I use a fan brush or a long tapered blush brush to apply it to the top of my cheekbones, the peak of my lips and the tip of my nose depending on the texture. It’s a light, coolish toned highlighter that just brings out the extra little sparkle when you turn instead of a sheeny glow. It looks so lovely sprinkled over the top of other more sheer highlighters too, if you want to glow to the gods. This product is more of an honorable mention really, just because I end up reaching for it half as much as my Becca highlighters.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer (Hotel Heiress) First off, I want to say that I think this bronzer is so wonderful but the warm undertones don’t work super well with my cool-toned, fair skin. I reach for this bronzer every single time I have self tanned though, and even use a little to play up my contour a little more when going out in the summer. I can’t wear it year round though, I look too much like Trump.

This is still such a great bronzer though for medium-tan skin tones. It blends so well, smells good and lasts all day. It warms up my look and I’ll even blend it will a large kabuki brush on certain parts of my body in the summer to accentuate my tan. Plus, the name is so bougie, and who doesn’t love to feel a little extra now and then?

Tarte Shape Tape (Fair) There’s a lot of Tarte in this list, and I’m sorry to those of you that can’t stand them after the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation Shade Gate of 2018. These products did really well last year though, especially this concealer. It was probably one of the biggest stand out products in 2017 and it’s shade range when it launched was diverse and impressive! This is a very full coverage, matte concealer in a huge container that lasts for ages and has an impressively large applicator. I love it. When my eyes are a little drier all I have to do is mix a little of this concealer with my The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Marula Oil and it blends so well underneath my eyes and doesn’t crease. I highly, highly recommend this product if you have some dark under eye areas or even just a lot of trouble spots that a traditional concealer just can’t cover.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara (Blonde) I discovered this product while trying to find a cheaper, and lighter way to style my brows. It takes a lot to get them from the skimpy, thin squiggles above my eyes into the coveted powerful, bold brows. This product still builds up the thickness of my brows without turning them into the classic instagram eyebrow look.  What’s even better is that this is another product under $10. I use this alone for a clean look, or with a little brow powder/eye pencil if I need more powerful brows to balance out a full face of makeup.

I’ve seen some people compare the quality of this product to Glossier’s Boy Brow, but I have yet to try that myself for an accurate comparison. If you’ve tried both of these products out, let me know how they compare!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray It took me a while before setting sprays gained my attention. I adore them now, and use multiple sprays in my makeup routine everyday. Now that I’m obsessed with sprays and mists and shit, I want you to all know that if you haven’t tried this yet (and you have nasty oily skin that breaks up makeup or your makeup slips during the day) you need to. Now. I’m serious on this one. Not only does it finish your makeup well and congeal everything perfectly into one seamless, flawless and freaking gorgeous base. It also keeps your skin looking fresh and matte throughout the day.

Seriously though, this is my holy grail setting spray. Whenever I use this product I always get so many compliments on my makeup. The compliments are all I’m really looking for, but it’s a wonderful bonus though that I get to worry a lot less about it budging during the day.

There’s a lot more products that could have been added to this list, but I wanted to keep it short so I could focus on key things I did and didn’t like about each product. What would you change to make your own beauty basics short list? Do you agree with any of these opinions or have any products that work better for you? Let me know in the comments below!


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